Behind the #JerseyBoysMonte Scenes, Courtesy of @MONTECASINOZA

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state clearly that whilst I was gifted tickets for the show, I was not paid to write this blog post, and all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~

Now this was a wonderful treat! What an incredible production! I’ll never listen to “Oh What A Night” the same way again! 🙂


It was a great evening out with several other Twitter folk- @P_Kuttah, @sian_202, @Roxy_Robinson, @DalenLance, @Akio_DJ_ID, @sanchahein and @Sandbrat__, thanks to @MONTECASINOZA!


After drinks @ Monte Restaurant, we were given a backstage tour by Jersey Boys Manager, Yolanda. Photography was restricted as the stage, props, costumes and stage setup are subject to copyright, but we were allowed to take a few pictures in neutral sort of areas… 😛

20130515_IMG01809 20130515_IMG01811 20130515_IMG01812 20130515_IMG01813The level of organisation and planning is mind blowing! The live performance is managed to the second by an incredible crew! And every set piece, costume and design in all aspects of all the productions worldwide are identical.
The fastest costume change for one of the female cast members between scenes during the show was 9 seconds!
The musicians are actually backstage in soundproof rooms so that they can provide the cleanest possible sound to accompany the singers on the stage, and even the singers on the stage aren’t singing alone- the entire cast sings along to every song during the performance to ensure a quality of sound that you just won’t believe.

After the tour we headed back to @ Monte Restaurant for dinner which was phenomenal, and then back into the Teatro for the show.
We had wonderful seats too and we thoroughly enjoyed ourselves.

20130515_IMG01814After the show we headed back to @ Monte Restaurant for dessert and coffee.

Oh what a night!