Photos I Found On My Phone…

I take a lot of pictures, with my phone and with my camera.

I take pictures to remind myself to do/ buy/ try or look things up.
I take pictures that make me think of other people.
I take pictures of things I would like other people to see.

A lot of them get Tweeted or put on Facebook, but most of them just stay on my phone. So here are a few of them for your viewing pleasure.

The mug on the right says “I’d rather be drinking champagne” and that is SO me!
R300 for five metres? Shoowee…
My new dress! All pretty and floral and an absolute bargain at Miladys!
Such a cool cake topper in Big Blue!
Possibly the coolest jelly moulds I have ever seen! These were in Big Blue.
Who’da thunk it! Mismatched cutlery for sale as a set in Big Blue. So my mommy darling has been cool like this for years!
One of the things I photographed because I wanted to remember – a meal replacement/ supplement shake
We have been told by SAGA to keep Friday 31 May open to collect our new puppy, Lennox!
My gorgeously straight newlt done hair, a Mothers Day gift from my Glugster.
And two days later… I wanted a picture in the sun to show how red it is now and I am so pale in the sunlight…
LEG WARMERS! In Dischem! I couldn’t believe it either!
Do you know what is your responsibility to check on when you go to the chemist? You may be surprised…
I have to get this for my friend Sweets…

6 thoughts on “Photos I Found On My Phone…

  1. I also have a whole bunch of photos on my phone, taken for specific reasons/with specific people in mind… And then I never get around to posting/sending them…
    MeeA recently posted…SoapMy Profile

  2. How fantastic! I want the one that says I would rather be drinking champagne. And leg warmers? Seriously?
    Tam recently posted…AnxietyMy Profile

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