Holy Crap… Here’s A Monster Catch-up For You!

I swear this last week was a whole month long!

We have moved. We’re not far from the old house, but it feels like we are…
When we moved out of our house, it was painted, and it was clean. The floors weren’t spotless because of the moving and the painting, and the windows weren’t all cleaned, but the the cupboards were clean inside, the door handles and light switch covers were clean and I hired a rubble remover to take away ALL the leftover crap. The new house was not clean… I’ll leave it at that.
The signal in the new house is DREADFUL, as in, it sucks giant donkey balls. I have a little bit of 3G, and I can receive calls in the garage and next to my bed… But the rest of the time I am pretty much unavailable ‘coz there’s no reception!
The oven and hob were a challenge to say the least, but the agents have completely replaced it with – wait for it – A BRAND NEW ONE! Before we’d even been in the house a week, which is AWEsome!
Then on Sunday, the outside drains got all backed up, filling my garage with the stink of pee… Fan-fucking-tastic. Thankfully the agents were on the ball again and a plumber arrived this morning to snake the drain, so now it all just has to dry up so the smell will go away.
The satellite dish is misaligned somehow so we’re only picking up half the DSTV channels we should be able to see, and this morning the TV in the living room decided it didn’t want to have a picture anymore.

My knucklehead was a GREAT help when we moved, but he’s been home sick and nursing a sore ankle, and when we spend so much time together we do nothing but fight. It is beyond stressful.

My Blackberry is driving me up the wall! Not only does it HATE the new house – resetting itself every couple of hours – the touchscreen doesn’t respond like it should and its making me want to throw it against the wall! Even making a phonecall is a challenge.

And last week Thursday, late in the afternoon, I finally got our car back from the panel beaters, where it had been for more than three weeks, and then on Friday when I was rushing to fetch my Glugster from his bus stop and get to a SAGA event, I lost my temper with a tit at the garage who wasn’t moving, reversed in a huff, and hit a woman’s driver side door.


Can you tell its been interesting?

On the plus side, the new house is HUGE compared to the old house!

Our bedroom has a walk in closet and we have our own bathroom – with its own separate little geyser – and glass doors leading out into the garden.
The garden is big too and the dogs are loving it, and the birds are incredible! We’re going to put a Barbet log and a bird feeder and a bird bath in the garden and everything!
We’re almost finished unpacking too.
We’re happy here and I can’t wait to start having visitors.
Here’s a bit of a video for you, I’m not the best with a video camera and we’re still unpacking so the house is a mess πŸ˜€

Guide-dog puppy Lennox is a darling! He’s so smart and so cute! I have started a Facebook page for him, and I am blogging weekly updates like I did for Volt.

Our cats adjusted to the new house with no trouble and they’re loving all the bird watching they can do with the garden surrounding the house.
Thelma and Louise took a few days to settle and they weren’t eating well, but as soon as they realised they weren’t being abandoned again they were happy too.
My Riddick wasn’t at all phased by the move! He and Lennox kept each other company and they’re happy as long as they’re near us.

So how was your week!?

3 thoughts on “Holy Crap… Here’s A Monster Catch-up For You!

  1. Glad the dogs are settling. Your new house looks incredible! Hope you’ll be very happy there… and as for a plumbing… welcome to an older house πŸ™
    Ours costs us a fortune in maintenance
    Jeanette recently posted…In a camera bagMy Profile

  2. A blog post means you are settling down. I’m glad. Been checking regularly to see if you had updated. πŸ™‚
    I hope to pop in soon and visit and have a cuppa coffe with you. mwa!

  3. I love that we can now share videos of our places!! It’s great you’re finally settled. Sorry the son is home sick… but that’s good that he helped!! Bummer about the craptastic week!! πŸ™ Glad the pups are happily settling in! Wish I could be there to help unpack!
    Bex recently posted…flying chunksMy Profile

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