The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways Indeed…

My faith is not something I discuss openly, or often.
As a Christian, I believe – me, personally, I believe – that there are three things that are integral to how God wants a Christian to live. One is witnessing to people. I don’t witness, not verbally. I feel that since I don’t go to church on any kind of regular basis (which is the second thing I believe is a very important part of being a Christian, fellowship, worship and learning with other Christians), I can’t tell other people how to be a Christian without coming across as a hypocrite… But I do hope that how I live my life will “witness” for me.
Does that make sense?
Prayer is the third thing about being a Christian that I believe you should practise all the time. You need to talk to Him and listen to Him, and you do that through prayer.

I often tell people I will pray for them, and unless I know they would do the same I am often afraid that they may find it a little, um… Whats the word…? Off putting? Irksome? Offensive? I dunno.
I do mean it when I say it, though. And I do pray for my friends and my family, every day.
Sometimes there are specific things I pray for – if I know someone is ill or concerned about something or someone. I ask that my husband and my son will get to and from work safely every day. I ask for healing for my daddy darling and for my mommy darling to stress less. I pray for each of my family members and their partners and children. I ask for things for me too.
And I thank Him. I thank Him for prayers answered and for blessings – my wonderful family, my amazing friends, my animals, the opportunities I am given, our health – the list is a long one.

And my prayers are answered. Thats what the title is about.
He doesn’t always answer prayers with a simple “yes” or “no”, and He doesn’t always do so immediately. You have to keep your eyes and ears peeled for the answers. You have to be patient. And you have to know that He will answer you.

This week was a perfect example and a reminder of that for me.

After our move to the new house, on which we spent more money than we should have – painting, rubble removers, take out, an extra cleaning lady – we were severely short on petrol and grocery money.
Then the TV packed up, and when I got stopped in a roadblock I realised the car’s license had also expired (I hadn’t been checking it). My dad wasn’t well and spent a couple of days in hospital, stressing my mommy darling even more than she usually is.
It felt like one of those weeks when everything just goes wrong! Nothing new, everyone goes through shite like this.
But I asked for help. I prayed for help. Amongst other things I didn’t know where I was going to get petrol money and the car was nigh on empty…

And then I got an invitation to spend the day at a social media event yesterday (Thursday), and part of the invitation was the use of a car. The car I was to use, and experience so that I could blog about it, was delivered on Tuesday night, with a full tank of fuel!
I didn’t get handed any actual cash, but I didn’t have to worry about putting fuel in my car for almost three days!
And my Glugster found someone who came and paid cash for the borked TV, and I got a couple of orders confirmed. Cash came in, meaning I could buy groceries and put fuel in the car.
And my daddy darling only spent two days in hospital instead of a week or more!
Prayers answered!

This week there was a lot for me to thank Him for.

13 thoughts on “The Lord Works In Mysterious Ways Indeed…

  1. Angel, I love this post and the awareness that God indeed does care about every little thing on our minds.

    One of the things on my 38 things list was to pray for the big and little things. To be honest, the little things are often the way I most feel God because I’m still amazed that our big, wonderful God cares for little old me 🙂

    and I’m praying for you! 🙂
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted…Jhb CBD mini photo walkMy Profile

  2. Yes, God sure do work in mysterious ways and at the most unexpected times as well.
    I am really sorry that you and your Glugster is going through such a difficult financial time at the moment.
    blackhuff recently posted…I was fixed as wellMy Profile

    • We’re doing okay, and MUCH better than we did a year ago, this was just one of those extra rough patches… 😛
      Thank you for your concern

  3. That’s one thing I always seem to forget to remember – God always provides. Always. Maybe not always how you imagined, but He does. And that’s what is supposed to make my (our) life wonderfully stressfree, if I remember to not forget. Xxx

  4. Yes, God answers our prayers! He is faithful and He is involved in all the details. God is good, all the time!

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