I Forking Knew It

We’re 21 weeks in and I have dropped the ball.

Not completely mind you, since my Glugster continues to lose, but I have lost no weight in the last month.

Typical. Things don’t happen fast enough and I lose interest.

And it feels like we went to the dietitian just last week…


The dietitian is always nicer than I expect her to be… 😀 I know thats silly, but I’m already fed up with myself and I half expect her to kak me out!
I lost a whole 100g in the last month, and as miffed as I was at that, Adele reassured me that the fact that I didn’t GAIN weight is a HUGE plus.
I haven’t been packing my lunchbox every day, which really worked for me, so she has suggested I start doing that again and go back to the kick-start programme, which is 2 weeks, and then go back to our eating plan the way it is now. A two weeks on two weeks off sort of thing so that I can continue losing, and stay “encouraged”.
So as of Monday my Glugster and I will do the kick-start programme again, even though he continues to lose steadily he is quite happy to do it all with me. And I eat FAR better when he’s home with me anyway.

AND! AND! My Glugster has reached his first milestone! I am SO proud of him!

4 thoughts on “I Forking Knew It

  1. I’m running the TotalSports Ladies race tomorrow purely because I’ve fallen off the wagon badly and haven’t done ANY exercise in several months. I figured if I paid the entry fee, I’d have to FORCE myself to start again, so that’s what I’m doing. I so wish I had a buddy to help me stay motivated. It’s so easy to shrug it off & tell myself, “Well, I’m thinner than most people, so I’m doing okay”. And it’s simply not true. I’m weak and low on energy and have chronic back pain because my core isn’t strong enough to support me properly… Bad MeeA! Bad!
    Keep going, Angel. I really admire your persistence, which is way more than I’ve ever managed to muster! And congrats to the Glugster on reaching that milestone! 😀

  2. Congrats Glugster! Hats off to you. I mean, really. I haven’t even started. STARTED. You are 21 weeks in already! You should be very proud of yourself, whatever the scale says. You are TRYING. Well done!

  3. It took me 6 months of eating well and gymming 4 times a week to even start losing weight, it was only the 4 months after that where the results started showing, but, boy did they show!

    The kak thing is, it takes a long time and you have to keep going, even if it’s in small increments, it’s better than going the other way.


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