Dear Postnet

Oh how I wish you would actually LISTEN when your customers attempt to communicate with you…

Twice now I have been awaiting a package mailed to me, and twice I have not received the notification that you actually have the package.
I have received many more than two packages, obviously, but the fact that I have had this happen to me twice tells me that this is a more common occurrence than you believe it to be.

And now the point of my complaint.

I called you to find out where my package was.
I had a tracking number and thanks to the SAPO website I could see that my package had arrived at the post office from which “my” Postnet branch collects its mail on July 28th (the package had been sent to me on July 25th).
After a short wait I was told that you have had my parcel since July 30th.

You’ve had my parcel for almost 10 days and I have not received a notification.

I tell you I haven’t received the notification and the guy on the other end of the line just keeps repeating that they put the notifications in the mailboxes when they receive the parcel from the SAPO.
I repeatedly try to tell the guy that I didn’t get a parcel slip and he repeatedly tells me that when they collect a package from the SAPO it gets written in the book and a parcel slip is filled in and put into the person’s mailbox.
As I continue to try and get through to the guy that I did not in fact get a notification – despite him telling me how it is supposed to work – I attempt to tell him that this is not the first time this has happened to me and he then decides that the SAPO must have screwed up somehow and I should call them.

By this point in our 11 minute long conversation I am bordering on apoplectic rage!

Can you see what I’m getting at here? That you don’t actually LISTEN when people try to tell you what their complaint is actually about?

And why in HEAVEN’S name is your entire system STILL all on paper!? You have all my information since I rent a mailbox from you – can you not send me a text when a package arrives!?