I Know I’m Scarce Here…

but I actually blog once a week – at least – about our furry family!
I blog about our dogs and cats and about the guide dog puppies we raise for SA Guide-dogs on one of my “other” blogs.
Its called “Conradie Zoo“.
I split the blogs years ago because I was getting comments about all the cat pictures on my regular blog… Teehee…

Recently, I blogged about our beloved yellow Lab, Riddick, who ended up having surgery to remove a foreign object from his intestines as he has a tendency to swallow the things he chews on. He’s still in hospital so they can make sure there’s no infection, and I miss him so very much.

I also blogged about our two “old ladies”, Thelma and Louise, and how they handled the move to our new house.

And I post a weekly update about our newest guide dog puppy-in-training, Lennox, who also has his own Facebook page!

So I may not be blogging here very often, but I am blogging.


2 thoughts on “I Know I’m Scarce Here…

    • He is much better, almost completely himself again!
      He’s still very vocal when I get back from the shops or something, bringing me a present sticking close to me, but he’s SO much happier now! I am SO glad to have him home again!

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