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My Glugster and I got to go and see the opening night of the South African Tattoo at Montecasino!
We had incredible seats in the second row from the front! We didn’t think to take a jersey or a blanket so we got a little chilly, but it was not unbearable, and the free coffee from Jacobs went a long way to warming us up!


to give you an idea of where we were sitting (cellphone picture)

I LOVE drums and I had a really hard time sitting still, and not standing up or walking around was a very polite request from the MC! And the grandstand things we were sitting on meant all the seats are joined together – so if I started bouncing in my seat or tapping my foot everyone in my row got bounced around too!


The show started with the “Massed Pipes And Drums”, which means ALL the performers were in the arena and playing together! It was magnificent and gave me such goosebumps!


massed pipes & drums (cellphone picture)


massed pipes & drums (cellphone picture)

The South African Code Red Drum Corps was unbelievable! These guys even play each other’s drums! It was awesome to see – and there are videos on their Facebook page!

Code Red Drum Corps (Photo courtesy of Warren Haltmann) (2)

Ten Drums is from Taiwan and they’re a Grammy winning group… WOW! WOW! WOW!


Ten Drums from Taiwan (cellphone picture)

The Top Secret Drum Corps from Switzerland is simply magnificent! Like the Code Red drummers they play their own drums AND each others’ drums, and they end their performance with a light show – with lights on the drums!


SA Tattoo - Top Secret Drum Corps, Switzerland

Here are some official photos of the performances for you. There was the Celtic Dance Celebration (Scottish and Irish dancing together), the Band of the National Ceremonial Guard, South African Police Services Band (Tshwane), the Johannesburg Youth Orchestra, and the Saints – a champion drum majorette squad!

Highland Dancers (Photo courtesy of Warren Haltman) (11)

National Ceremonial Guard (NCG) Band (Photo courtesy of John Hogg) (1)


SAPS Tshwane Band

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