Our Lifestyle Change, 29 Weeks In

29 weeks.

Or 205 days.

Or 4920 hours. Whichever sounds less to you. They have all started sounding like an age to me when I think about how long we’ve been on this weight-loss-lifestyle-change-dieting thing we’ve undertaken.

I have lost about 9kg in that time. Thats about 45g a day, or about 300g a week. I was hoping for 500g a week when we set out, and I can achieve that with more exercise and not cheating as often as I do…
But I have the self-control of a gerbil.
And we are SO not gym people… Who knows – we may become gym people when we look and feel better.

Today the dietitian said we need to up the ante on our exercise. We are doing more than we did when we started, but we’re not doing more as we progress, and we need to in order to get off the plateau we’re on now. She said, and I quote, “You need to do enough to make you sweat” and I burst out laughing.
If you know me well enough you’ll know that perspiration is not something I battle with! Its something I have always loathed about myself, its why I hate going to the gym and its why I got married in winter. The slightest exertion has me sweating like a racehorse and I hate it. When I am working in my kitchen I wear a bandanna on my head – not only to keep my hair out of my face and out of my baking, but because I perspire for nothing. Once when I was in nursery school, I got into trouble for sticking my head under the garden tap!
I told the dietitian that if I stop exercising because I have started perspiring I won’t even get out of my driveway!
Its no wonder I love water as much as I do, I am almost always dehydrated! Drinking 3L a day is easy for me!

But I digress. We’re going to try and do more. The dogs certainly won’t mind! 😀

We’re taking “before” pictures once a month or so, for ourselves to see, and admittedly it takes looking at each other’s pictures to point out that there is actually a difference. And I might publish a before-and-after picture once we’re where we want to be… But that is still about 20kg away for me and about 50kg away for my Glugs…

And as my darling Glugster keeps reminding me, it may be slower than we wanted but its still in the right direction!
We’re not yo-yoing, we’re losing.


So we will persevere.

12 thoughts on “Our Lifestyle Change, 29 Weeks In

  1. Great job!

    At Weigh Less on Sat the lady FREAKED out because I put on a kilo in two weeks. I had to tell her “I have MUCH bigger things in my life to worry about than my weight” which she didn’t like………………… but it’s true/.
    Marcia (123 blog) recently posted…Today a year agoMy Profile

  2. Yes, your Glugster is right. Although progress may be slower due to no exercise, it is in the right direction.
    I know you don’t like sweating or exercising but what about changing your mindset around it. Do the exercise for the health benefits – healthier heart and body. Don’t do it for the weight loss.
    blackhuff recently posted…Update on our familyMy Profile

  3. Bah humbug to that gloomy guss of a dietition. Your progress is fantastic, slow and steady is better than nothing, or yoyoing (and you’re probably avoiding that whole loose skin thing that happens when you lose weight too fast).

    Sweating is it’s own hell for me – it makes my eczema flare up especially badly, HAAAATE IT, so I probably would have laughed at her too 😉

    Keep on keeping on poppet, you’re doing so freaking awesome – not even lying on this because you’re making me feel guilty about my own progress.

  4. Go! Go! Go! Excersize and diet worked wonders for me. But it’s still tough, I get that. So proud of you 2!

  5. I’m so glad you guys are making progress, even if it’s not as quick as you would like. There’s nothing more frustrating than working at something and feeling as though you’re getting nowhere. Keep it up – you will win! 🙂
    MeeA recently posted…Grab Yer Torches & Pitchforks!My Profile

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