Disappointed By @KFCSA…

Today I popped out to get some baking supplies, and on the way home I decided to get some KFC. I LURV me some KFC, and I was passing one on my way home.
I went inside and spotted a poster for a competition you could enter by buying a Regular Meal Deal. Its not what I usually get but it was affordable and it looked yummy so I ordered one.
The competition required a text message with your till slip number as a reference in order to enter, so I tucked a flyer into my handbag so I could enter the competition when I got home.
When I went to fetch my food I realised I had tossed my till slip in the bin while I was waiting for my food! It wasn’t the end of the world though so I grabbed my brown paper bag and headed home.


I started eating the chips in the car and then remembered I was supposed to get a free Snickers – my second favourite chocolate bar – with my meal and started fishing around in the bag next to me.
No Snickers.

Now I’m upset. I was looking forward to it. I am cheating on my forking diet so it serves me right, but I wanted that damn Snickers!

Knowing I would have to go back to the shop if I wanted my chocolate bar, I phoned them anyway (I didn’t call their customer care line) – their number was on the back of the flyer I had put in my handbag.

I assume the man who answered is a manager but I didn’t ask, and I told him I didn’t get my Snickers.
He apologised and asks me if I handed in the flyer with my till slip to get my free chocolate.
Excuse me!?
The flyer says, and I quote: “Buy any Regular Burger Meal Deal and get a FREE* Snickers“.
It doesn’t say: “Hand in your till slip and a flyer and we’ll give you a free Snickers

I question this, and he tells me the staff are supposed to explain this and that they do it this was to “…keep track of the Snickers…
I must note here that he was very polite and very apologetic, and said I could go and fetch my Snickers if I’d like to, which made me even more annoyed because not only was I not driving back there for a little chocolate bar – I didn’t have my forking receipt anymore!!
And all I can think is why is their point of sale programme – which records each and every sale exactly – not accurate enough to keep count of their stock of complimentary chocolates!??!


And its not the first time this particular KFC has disappointed me… My darling husband is of a mind to just not go back there, but I like to have my say if I don’t get what I pay for.
On October payday we went grocery shopping, and we saved more than we thought we were going to on our budget so we decided to “splash out” on the family treat, which is pretty good value for money for R150.
We got home with our meal and I started plating it for the three of us.
I have never seen such grotty looking pieces of chicken in my life! They were all thighs and drumsticks – not one breast or wing – and they looked so unappetising I actually peeled the skin off without eating it!
Have you ever!?!
The skin is the whole point of KFC!!!

Needless to say I won’t be going back there again, and I do hope the manager makes a plan so as not to disappoint more of his patrons.

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8 thoughts on “Disappointed By @KFCSA…

  1. So they emailed me, send me a reference number, verified which branch I had been to, and a couple of hours emailed me back to say they had spoken to the branch who verified I had called him and the “case” was closed.

  2. Meh. I get this kind of treatment from the McDonald’s nearest to me and have simply stopped going there as well. At least KFC responded to your complaints – McDonald’s doesn’t even acknowledge you (either on FB or Twitter) when you complain there. And trying to talk to the store manager is utterly useless – I’ve been there!
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  3. They have actually contacted me via Twitter so I’ll mail them and see what they have to say…

  4. How damn dissapointing!! Was not just one thing but the whole EXPERIENCE!
    KFC do no realise how damaging this is because next time you will think twice before going there and spending your money at an establishment that won’t even follow through with what is advertised unless cajoled into action. Shame on them.
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