31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 1


I spotted this 31 Days of Blogging Challenge on Harassed Mom’s blog this evening, and since I usually catch onto a blog challenge too late I thought I’d try and start this one on time!
Lets hope I can complete this one, since my track record for blog challenges isn’t the best… 😛

Day one, tell my life story in 250 words or less!


I was born in December 1973 (I’m just 4 weeks shy of my 40th birthday).
My parents are still happily married to each other, and I have three siblings, seven nephews and one niece.
I had a happy normal childhood, with family holidays and big family Christmases and dinner around the table every night.
I could have done a helluva lot better at school had I applied myself, and looking back I wish I had- of course. And I liked school, I did. I was mostly a loner, spending my time in the library or drifting from group to group as I felt like it.
In high school I met and fell in love with a young man who wooed me, and then bailed on me when I fell pregnant.
I didn’t finish high school, and I started working full time when my baby boy was 7 months old.
After almost 17 years as a single mom, and despite my plans to the contrary, I met my husband in 2007 – through blogging!
We had a dream wedding in 2010, and that same year I took up baking full time – from home.
I am now “The Cupcake Lady” in Gauteng, spending most of my time getting paid to do something I love, and dividing the rest of my time between championing ADHD awareness and education, supporting parents with diagnosed children, and raising guide dog puppies with my darling Glugster as volunteer puppy walkers for SA Guide Dogs!

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