31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 4

My Glugster (yes really 🙂 ), Harassed Mom, Wenchy, Supermom and Jenty are also doing this blog challenge!


Day four, what is your favourite comfort food? Post the recipe!


Comfort foods are defined as easy to prepare and easy to digest, high in sugar and/ or carbs, and typically something that brings on a bout of nostalgia… Well there’s no nostalgia for me with my comfort food…
A huge glass (or three) of Coke Zero with ice, and a huge bag of Lays Salted, and if I’m really feeling the “need” I’ll add a big bag of Senties.

If I am out of money and I can’t get me any Lays, then my comfort food is whatever is in the fridge or the pantry.

So no recipe here. All you do is pop in at your nearest shop of choice, legally purchase your Lays using your preferred payment method, head home and climb into your bed with your favourite series showing on the screen of your preferred viewing device.

Easy peasy.

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31 Days of Blogging Challenge

2 thoughts on “31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 4

  1. My comfort food is mac and cheese – the one with the cheese sauce, not the quiche and i add some bacon, with some coke or red wine. but it has to be really serious for me to make this…

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