31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 6

My Glugster (yes really :) ), Harassed Mom, Wenchy, Supermom and Jenty are also doing this blog challenge!


Day six, post a picture of your favourite outfit (bonus points for details).


I don’t think anyone who knows me expects to see me in anything but one of my black “T” shirts with the slightly gathered necklines and either a skirt or a pair of denim shorts… I see my friends dressed beautifully, even when they’re dressed casually, and I wish I was more stylish!
Finding nice clothes to fit my huge boobs and NOT look like I’m wearing a circus tent, AND without bankrupting myself is difficult…
And the other problem is that I LOATHE the heat! I am comfortable in temperatures up to about 18°C, hotter than that and I am irritable and I perspire and I need moving air… I feel quite anxious when I am hot and that makes a lot of pretty outfits simply impossible. I see a shirt with long sleeves and I am immediately put off. Even bracelets and necklaces make me feel hot, yet I can happily wear hats and bandannas, or a corset, and I LOVE fur and feather boas!!

I have a Pinterest board titled “My Dream Wardrobe” and its filled with gorgeous outfits and items, so I think I’m going to link a few of those pictures here to give you an idea of how I wish I looked.


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