31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 9

My Glugster (yes really :) ), Harassed Mom, Wenchy, Supermom and Jenty are also doing this blog challenge!


Day nine, tell a story from your childhood.


I had an awesome childhood, with many MANY wonderful stories.
Family holidays to the sea, and to our cousins on the farm.
Family Christmases where there were so many Christmas presents under the tree there was no room on the living room floor.
My daddy darling taking my sister B and I to the movies to see Bambi and The Fox & the Hound.
Family trips to the drive in with a bucket of KFC and packets of Sunrise toffees.
Payday groceries ended off with making “Dagwood” sandwiches around the dining room table – fresh rolls, cold meats, pickles, cheese, condiments, tomatoes…

I think one of my favourite and earliest memories has got to be baking gingerbread men with my mommy darling when we lived in a flat in Schubart Park. I clearly remember putting raisins on them for buttons while standing on a chair at the kitchen counter! I have no idea how old I was, but I remember thinking how pretty my mommy darling looked as she rolled out cookie dough and showed me where to stick the raisins.

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  1. Most of my memories are of you and I, the games we played – mostly thought up by you. You were always so creative. Of course the holidays and so on, but I have been so blessed to have had you as a big sister. *

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