31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 12

My Glugster (yes really :) ), Harassed Mom, Wenchy, Supermom and Jenty are also doing this blog challenge!


Day twelve, your top 3 pet peeves…


Oh hell thats a long list… Okay, I’ll choose just three.

Top of the list – bad grammar and spelling! ESPECIALLY on advertisements and brochures. Phones, laptops, PCs, tablets – they are all capable of alerting you to errors AS YOU TYPE! Use it people!

Next up – bad manners. Everything would be better if people used good manners, from driving in traffic to using the internet!

And last of the list of three, but certainly not the least or the last of my peeves – litterbugs!

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31 Days of Blogging Challenge

One thought on “31 Days of Blogging Challenge: Day 12

  1. mine, is sniffing. i cannot stand it when someone sits and sniffs and sniffs and sniffs. and another is if stuff doesn’t get put back or left as it was FOUND. 😉

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