Searches That Found Me…

I haven’t checked these things in aaaages, so I went to look. As always, I get a lot of ADHD related searches, here are a few I haven’t seen before:

  • Hein Badenhorst
  • 10 steps before ritalin
  • why starcharts dont work for adhd children

And there were several about things I know have blogged about before:

  • suncares arts academy
  • 1.6 ford focus trend option pack with candy red
  • tsogo sun arts academy
  • glurge examples
  • “how much i sneeze”

And then there were some odd ones… A surprising number of them dealing with medication of some kind!

  • thermark 
  • can i drink 7 betasleep capsules? 
  • how long does it take for deselex tablets to work on throat allergies
  • monsters inc “smelly garbage and wet dog”
  • crutches me
  • duvet

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