So, Do We Actually WANT The Little Village?

A few days ago, I was telling my Glugster about experiencing a real “dorpie” once upon a week… And how it rendered me quite speechless with surprise.

It was many years ago, and I was away on holiday and staying with family. The one day, my cousin’s wife and I went shopping in the tiny town they lived in, and between stopping at various shops – where she knew all the owners and chatted to everyone – we also popped in at several houses along the way.
At every stop, she exchanged gossip with the occupants of the houses, and some of the shops! Different people had different versions of the same story, and some had new ones for her, and she had new stories for some of them.


Never having lived in so small a town as an adult, I was quite stunned at the time by how eager they were to share stories about each other.

And as I was talking to my Glugster, I realised that blogging and social media is much like living in one of these small towns. Social media would be a hopeless failure if we didn’t actually want to know about each others’ lives.
With a few exceptions we’re not blogging about each other, and there’s still loads of gossiping*, but we happily share intimate details about our lives and our loved ones, our trials and our victories.
And even though we sometimes do our sharing anonymously, we like nothing better than when someone comments on what we’ve shared!

As much as we value our privacy, and as much as so many of us hate to talk on a phone (I’m not one of those people 🙂 ), do we actually want the “little village”? The “dorpie”? Where people chat over their fences and everyone knows everyone…?

* Having been a victim of much vicious gossip in my life, I cannot tolerate it and I try very hard not to gossip because I pride myself on my integrity.