Bird Watching In Our Garden…

We are loving our garden!

I have always been an avid birdwatcher, picking it up from my daddy darling when I was growing up. When my Glugster and I started seeing each other he started getting into it too.

Now we’re both keen and always on the lookout for birds. Our garden is perfect! We’ve listed 22 different birds since we moved in in July!
A few weeks ago, we noticed a pair of Hadedas building a nest in a MASSIVE tree in the garden behind ours.
This particular tree is always full of birds – hadedas, doves, starlings,thrushes, loeries… I’ve even spotted a Cardinal Woodpecker hammering away at the tree’s bark!
I was keen to see if the Hadedas- whose nest is a ridiculously flimsy mass of sticks and twigs, would lay any eggs at all. We’ve been watching them but they’re watching us too, and until early January we weren’t sure of there were any babies at all.
Then we spotted one chick! Its beak wasn’t as long as mommy’s but it already had the distinctive white stripe on its cheek. It made the cutest little chirruping noise while rattling its beak on mommy’s beak to get her to feed him.

Over the next couple of weeks he (or she) grew quickly and started venturing onto the branches next to the nest, and gradually testing his wings and moving around in the tree.
After a few days of him trying his wings I couldn’t see him anymore, but I could hear his little chirruping whistle as he continued to call to his parents for food.

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  1. We love birds and have a lot in the garden – our area even has bushbabies because of the big old trees but I have to say that I do not share the Hadeda enthusiasm – they roosted for years in our big tree right at our 2nd story bedroom window – for years they woke us up at all ungodly hours sometimes in the middle of the night.
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  2. Awww… We had birds in our garden for the first week or two but Magrat quickly chased off those bird families she didn’t kill… 🙁

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