So if anyone was wondering about the birds we have seen in our garden, here’s a list!

  1. Glossy Starling (not entirely sure which one though…)
  2. Olive Thrush
  3. Burchell’s Coucal
  4. Muisvoel
  5. Grey Loerie
  6. Hoopoe
  7. Hadeda
  8. Cape Robin
  9. Cape White Eye
  10. Common Bulbul
  11. Black-collared Barbet
  12. Crested Barbet
  13. Masked Weaver
  14. Cape Wagtail
  15. Amethyst Sunbird
  16. Thick-billed Weaver
  17. Cardinal Woodpecker
  18. Black-headed Oriole
  19. Fiscal Flycatcher
  20. Red-billed Wood Hoopoe
  21. Red-headed Finch
  22. African Paradise – flycatcher

The trees in our garden are amazing for birds! And the dilapidated water feature outside our bedroom is a huge draw card.


fledgling Hadeda


Black-headed Oriole


fledgling Muisvoel


Fiscal Flycatcher – often confused with the Fiscal Shrike


I think this is a fledgling Thrush… But I’m not entirely sure


Cape Robin, one of a pair that nests next door but forages in our garden