Photos I Found On My Phone…

I haven’t done a post like this since last May, so there are quite a few pictures in this post.

This picture I simply had to stop along the road to take. The late afternoon sun was making the veld grasses all glowy and pink and gold…

20140102_174857 - Copy

20140209_193029 - Copy

I was astounded by the rice crispy ingredients!

20140217_115600 - Copy

a peahen and her chick – I’ve never seen peacock chicks

20140222_141813 - Copy

flabbergasted by the price of Easter eggs!

20131112_IMG_132301 - Copy

miles and miles of electric fence wiring from our garden

20131109_183112 - Copy

I bought my sweetheart a coffee mug

20131109_131524 - Copy

I want a mug like this!!


I thought this was funny!


there’s a brand new Asterix story!


Yes. I am a grammar Nazi.


sitting in reception at my new gynae’s office


My sweetheart Glugster cuts my toast into all kinds of funny shapes!


discovered this one Tuesday morning… And we had no spanner!

I always marvel at the colours and patterns on spiders when you get to look at them closely. Its quite spectacular.

20140207_221754 - Copy (2)

Red Spot Hairy Field Spider


a Daddy Longlegs with her egg sac

20140214_111730 - Copy

Spitting Spider

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  1. I also want that mug – where are they from?

    Love the first picture!!!

    We actually buy 1/2 actual easter eggs for the kids and then just get a slab of chocolate or sweets – works out cheaper and really is the same thing and the older kids don’t mind.
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