Why I’m Not Watching…

Oscar Pistorius’s murder trial has its own TV channel, its own Facebook page and its own Twitter account.

I know that this world feeds off of sensationalism and voyeurism – its the reason social media has grown so fast and so big, its the reason magazines like Heat and People even exist. And I am a user of said social media. I have several blogs, I use Facebook for fun and for business, and I use Twitter the same way.

But in all honesty, I find the exposure that Oscar Pistorius’s trial is getting more than a little sickening.
Have you seen the The Truman Show, or Edtv? When did such over exposure ever do anyone any good!?
Are the two families not going through enough?
Both families have lost.
Both families are mourning.
Their every move is reported and speculated over.

Why does his trial have to be such a public show?
Why is everyone so curious about his trial?
Why is her death so much more important than the thousands of other murder victims in South Africa?
Why does something so vicious have to be the reason South Africa is in the news?


There are only two people who really know what happened in that house that morning. And one of them is dead.

Let them get on with it and get over it in peace.

3 thoughts on “Why I’m Not Watching…

  1. That’s exactly what I said on FB last year, when the story broke. And why I’m not following or watching any of it now.
    The commentary, jokes, speculation and general hullabaloo over the whole thing is nothing short of a sad testiment to the condition of our society. For shame!

  2. I’m also not follwoing it that much. Poor guy if it wasnt for who is was they woudnt be making such a deal of the whole thing

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