The Long Easter Weekend…

I was both looking forward to and dreading this long Easter weekend. I mean, who doesn’t like a four day weekend with a valid excuse to indulge in loads of chocolate and sweet treats!

So why was I dreading it? Because Saturday April 19th was the second anniversary of my sweet nephew Nathan’s death. I cannot put into words how much I miss that little boy… How much it hurts to think that I will never again be able to speak to him or hug him…
We didn’t do a lot on Saturday for Nathan, but there were images of Nathan showing on the TV, and we spoke about him through the day, and da Bruvva and my mom tidied up his little remembrance garden.


For Easter we joined da Bruvva and his family at my folks’ place, with our now nearly completely blind Riddick in tow. We had chocolate Easter eggs, iced Easter cookies and cold meat sandwiches on my Glugster’s fresh homemade bread. My sisters B and C and their families couldn’t make it – B was working and C and nephew L were sick as dogs, so it was a much smaller family Easter than is normal for us.
da Bruvva’s two little boys hunted their Easter eggs in the garden, and when the knucklehead arrived he had to go and find his too!
I’ll explain his late arrival shortly…
It was a peaceful, happy day.



my knucklehead finding his hidden chocolate Easter bunny


I made iced cookies for Easter


my nephew E eating an iced cookie


my daddy darling and my godson J eating iced cookies

One thing I really love about visiting at my parents’ house is being able to take my dogs with me.
My parents’ dog is a fox terrier cross and he and Riddick love playing together. He’s also very comical in that he will climb a tree to catch the “lights” – reflections from the sun catchers in the garden!

20140419_15.06.21_edit 20140419_17.03.39_edit


sweet Riddick, worn out after a day of visiting and playing

So why did my knucklehead arrive at my mom’s house late? Because getting all three of us, Riddick the Lab, the cooler box full of food and drink and the Easter eggs to my folks’ house took two trips… In a Smart car!!
Why on earth are we driving a Smart? Its certainly not by choice… And we had family and friends alike in hysterics over this situation. With just my Glugster and I in the car its like a clown car!
We have been driving my parents’ old Merc for a while but its age and wear-and-tear were starting to make it really unreliable… So my Glugster traded it in for a Peugeot 407 which we were supposed to get last Thursday, and when it developed some issue that delayed its delivery they organised this Smart for us to use until the 407 is ready. Which will hopefully be by later today…

On Sunday afternoon my Glugster and I went to the movies! I can’t remember when last we indulged in Ster Kinekor’s lovenest seats for a big screen movie, but its been long enough that we were quite flabbergasted by the ticket prices! And while we were enjoying a bit of a date for the first time inabout a year, we found a photo booth! How cute is this strip I now have in my wallet!
I love this!
Its like the cheesiest, most old fashioned thing a couple can do!


I also got to see my dear friends Sweets and Leeds this weekend, and seeing friends I care deeply for is always a bonus.

I hope you had a good Easter weekend too.

4 thoughts on “The Long Easter Weekend…

  1. Hehehe @ the SmartCar. My landlord has one and the other day he was moving cars around and parked it in the exact spot and space that is usually occupied by two black wheely-bins. They sure are petite!

    Love the photo strip – so cute. 🙂

    Ps! It’s hard to believe it’s been two years already. *hug*
    Louisa recently posted…PolkaMy Profile

  2. I still have our photo booth strip from your wedding on my fridge – I LOVE those photos! 🙂
    I won a couple of movie tickets the other day and can’t wait to have a date night with David sometime soon. It’s been ages for us, too!
    Otherwise, we’re very quiet over here and working very hard to keep things going.
    We spent the Easter weekend cleaning up our storage space, fixing stuff around the house and starting preparations for my mom to move in with us at the end of the month… But we did make time to hide some easter eggs around the house for the kidlets! (We would have done it in the garden but Johannesburg’s rat plague has been particularly bad this year and I’d rather not be carting anyone off to hospital with nasties.)

  3. I SO wanted to be there on Saturday. Missed you all lots! What movie did you go and see? I LOVE that photo strip – it’s adorable! And I am glad you had a good weekend. You have earned it. And I hope your car arrives soon. 😉

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