On Job Interviews…

It had been more than 9 years since the last time I had been for a job interview and I thought I had prepared myself…
The advertisement seemed ideal.
The timing seemed ideal.
The company is one I know and respect, and have worked with before, so I know and like the people.

Opportunities like that rarely come along twice.

I thought the first part of the interview – the one where you talk to a panel – went really well. The second part was a skills test… And it could have gone better. Some of the things they were testing I had never done before, and the others I haven’t done in YEARS. I wish I could go back in a few days and redo the test once I’ve brushed up on my skills. I wish I could assure them that the ones I don’t know how to do I will very quickly be able to learn.
I wish that simply reassuring them that I am perfect for the position was enough…

I like the fact that a skills test formed part of the interview process (I had known there would be a test beforehand). Too many people claim to be able to do something and then can’t perform when they are in the position.


After my recent experience, I thought I’d give you – however many readers I may still have – a few tips on properly preparing for a job interview.

If you don’t know the company, read up on them. Visit their website and find them on social media. Read up on their vision and mission. They may not question you about what you know about the company, but it will give you insight into whether you will fit in there.

Have a brief introduction of yourself prepared. If they ask for it, they really would like to know who you are “in a nutshell” – they already have your CV after all.

Make a list of your strengths and weaknesses. At least 5 of each. Personally, I loathe this question and I have yet to work out why it is asked… And I didn’t prepare for this. I battled to come up with a decent list on the fly so I completely forgot to include my personal and professional integrity as a strength.

And if there is a skills test, and you have applied for a job you are qualified for, you shouldn’t battle with it too much…

What are your suggestions?

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