I Won Some Sexy Shoes From @BeierSafe & @cathjenkin!

Did I forget to tell you?!

Ag sorreeeeee!!

Back in February, @cathjenkin hosted a giveaway on her blog for a pair of safety shoes from Beier’s new Sisi range.

beier, sisi, angelina, ladies safety shoes

As luck would have it, mine was the winning entry and I could pick a pair of shoes from the Sisi range!
There was only one that REALLY caught my eye – the Angelina!


Why would I even want a pair of safety shoes!? Well, having worked in safety shoes for many years I know they are comfortable, and they’re made for working and walking in.
I spend most of my working days on my feet, in my kitchen, and a good pair of shoes is essential. Having shoes that are non-slip as well is a huge bonus as I am so not the neatest baker…
And having dogs in the house means I often have a wet floor! Puppies have accidents, and Labradors LOOOVE water. And I have toes that get trodden on regularly and when your puppies weigh 30+kg thats no joke!

Due to my own disorganisation and car drama and life and and and, I only went to fetch my prize this week. I love them already!

beier, sisi, angelina, ladies safety shoes

Don’t they look fabulous!?! You would never have guessed that these were safety shoes with steel toecaps!!

5 thoughts on “I Won Some Sexy Shoes From @BeierSafe & @cathjenkin!

  1. WOW, wished we had safety shoes like that when I was working in the brewery.
    You remember the ugly black and green ones hey Angel 🙂

  2. shew wouldnt have guessed they were safety shoes look awesum well done on the win!

  3. Those are mighty fine shoes you got there. I bet you could just walk for miles in those shoes. 😀

    I like them, as far as safety shoes go – those are really cool!

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