Lifestyle Change You Say…?

Um… Ja.

We kinda fell off the wagon in the last couple of months… fell HARD.

Since we started trying to change the way we eat – a year ago in March (a change we both wanted to make) – I managed to lose a whole 9kg, and in the last couple of months I have regained more than half of them.
My Glugster did far better than I did, but we’ve lost the plot recently.

And we can both feel it. In our backs, in our knees, energy levels… Even my gums have started bleeding at night again. I can feel my tummy wobbling when I walk. My bras don’t fit anymore. I have so few clothing that actually fits me it pisses me off just to think about going anywhere because I have nothing to wear.

We’re supposed to go back to our dietitian again on Thursday morning, after we cancelled last month because I knew what her scale was going to say. I am THIS close to cancelling the appointment again because its embarrassing. How can a grown woman have so little self control.

We KNOW what we’re supposed to be doing.
We KNOW how to do what we’re supposed to be doing.
We just don’t.

And I am so easy to convince to cheat… I see an ad on TV for Mickey D’s and I want it. The next ad is for chips and I want them. A billboard for KFC? I’m wondering where the nearest one is.


5 thoughts on “Lifestyle Change You Say…?

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  2. Invest in an air-fryer, then you can eat chips and they contain ALOT less fat because you use ZERO oil to air fry them. But doesn’t mean eat chips often, once a week should fill the craving? Also good for steaks, roast chicken pieces, cooks stuff much quicker and comes out yummier, and you use a teaspoon of oil for meat.

    Biggest result you’ll ever get is just by cutting sugar out of your diet. No soft drinks and no sugar, use xylitol or stevia to sweeten things. And subsitute white pasta with brown rice pasta, white bread with low GI wholegrain bread, etc etc.

    But it all comes down to self control which you admit you’re lacking, you need self discipline and to strengthen your mind. Really commit to it in your mind. Trust me, your taste buds adapt after a while, if you cut out stuff properly and don’t cheat, they will change and crave the healthier stuff, and junk food won’t be as enjoyable.

    You’re such a lovely lady, really want to see you succeed with this. Please just resist the cravings, eat something healthy instead and the craving will pass.

  3. I tried going totally Paleo when I first read about the dietary changes needed for the thyroid stuff. That lasted all of a day. Since then, I’ve been kinder to myself and went gluten free first. Initially, I only managed that on a “nearly gluten free” scale, too. Until I realised why gluten is the enemy. But it’s taken me several months to cut out gluten completely. And my family still eats it, largely because of the cost of going gluten free and the convenience of normal bread, biscuits, etc. compared to me having to bake everything myself. I’m actually starving just a little bit at the moment because there are so many things I can no longer eat, that used to be staples in the house that I could just quickly grab on the go… I really need to work the necessary baking/food preps into my schedule so that I can continue to be gluten free without starving myself in the process.
    I guess my point is that I completely understand how difficult it is to make such a huge lifestyle change – especially since I’m pretty much doing it on my own. I agree with Brigitte – take it slow & start small, eliminating one or two bad foods at a time… *hugs*

  4. It’s one the toughest challenges most of us face. And it is really hard. Maybe there is just too much on your plate (excuse the punn) right now to try a lifestyle change too. Start small, just cut out one thing from your diet, then once you have that under control add something else, and so on… strongs

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