Back To The Dietitian…

We went back this morning, and almost 14 months after we first visited her I am down a whole 2,5kg.

Yes, you read that right.

She went as far as to agree with my Glugster, that seeing her once a month is a waste of our time and money if we don’t take the time and effort to follow her plans and advice.

So. Where to now.

She’s suggested we follow a far stricter plan than we’ve tried so far- high protein, low carb- which will ensure a faster (and more motivational) weight loss, and she’ll change the plan every month to keep us (me) interested. She has also asked my Glugster to be stricter with ensuring we walk more and eat better since he doesn’t have a problem with self control… he just can’t say no to me!
I have now also made a plan to go on Monday to retest my thyroid levels because a screwy thyroid produces the same issues as depression. And until I get my thyroid sorted I won’t know if my anti-antidepressants are even working! I was on the brink of tears in her office and she asked if I was still on the ADs…
I’m also going to go back to see her once a week for a weigh in, to keep a check on myself.
She really is a wonderful dietitian. She doesn’t butter us up and she’s trying every trick in her book to get – and keep – us on the right track.

I am also thinking I need to get my ADHD properly diagnosed and treated…

5 thoughts on “Back To The Dietitian…

  1. There is a very good you tube video on Thyroid with Sean Croxton and Dr Tom O’Bryan.
    Thyroid issues are a huge cause of depression. Gluten sensitivity can mess with your thyroid in a big way.
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  2. Anti-depressants make you gain weight, I know two women who went on them and gained quite a bit. So part of your struggle with weight is not your fault at all 🙁

  3. *hugs*
    Depression is one of the most common symptoms of thyroid issues.
    Also, if you do go and have your thyroid levels tested, and if you haven’t yet, I would suggest that you *insist* on more than a simple TSH count – it is the single most useless test for getting an accurate thyroid function indication. They should test for actual thyroid levels as well as for thyroid anti-bodies…
    Also, just remember that although it seems isignificant to you, 2.5kg is still a loss, which means that there has been an improvement.

  4. Shame Sis. Its really difficult, and a thyroid thats not happy makes it harder. Praying that it gets easier, and that you will be able to listen when hubby says no. Love you lots.

  5. I am loosely following the low carb diet – it is the first change I have made where I haven’t gotten hungry and I also haven’t craved carbs like I thought I would.

    Good luck :))
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