Mother’s Day 2014

After my darling Glugster let me sleep late and then made me breakfast in bed, I got to spend the day with my family!

My knucklehead, my mommy and daddy darling, sister B and sister C, da Bruvva and their families (we were short a couple of nephews and a niece – all grown ups and doing their own thing) were all at our house!
We did a bring-and-share like we usually do when we all get together as its easier than trying to make salad-rice-veggies-rolls for 20, and today we had a veritable smorgasbord! Roast beef, veggies, mac-n-cheese, KFC… Talk about a crazy mish-mash!
I was surrounded all day by my loved ones and my dogs… What could have been better!
We talked and laughed, we played with the dogs, we ate too much food (and no, apart from my breakfast I did not stick to my new eating plan at all), we took a lot of photographs – it was glorious.

I am lucky and happy to be able to wish my mommy darling on Mother’s Day and hug her and kiss her and spend time with her.

And yesterday I got to spend some time with my mom-in-law!
With our two Lab puppies in tow, we spent the day with my Glugster’s parents and in case you haven’t been reading my blog forever and a day, I lucked out in the in-laws department — I couldn’t have asked for a better mom-in-law!

Happy Mother’s Day to my mommy darling and my very special mom-in-law, I am blessed indeed.

A very happy Mother’s Day to my very many mom friends.

A peaceful Mother’s Day to my friends who are moms to angels in heaven.

A loving Mother’s Day to my friends who celebrate today in memory of their mommy darlings.

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  1. It was a wonderful day. So glad I got to spend it with you and our family. <3 <3

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