A Big Step for the Knucklehead and Me!

A while ago we found out about a programme where our knucklehead can learn a set of skills he can use internationally, AND he can get out of the house!
It seemed too good to be true, and its far from cheap – but we did our homework and he applied for an internship.

Then we had a million public holidays so he only had his interview today, and they’ve agreed to let him do a trial month.
He had to cut his hair and take out his studs, and he has to be clean shaven so its a big commitment for him already… We’ll pay for his course equipment & groceries & such – but he moved in tonight! We dropped him off with his PC, clothes and some food, and then had to make a list of the things we’d forgotten!
He has the next month to decide if he likes the programme, and for them to decide if he can handle the workload of an intern.


~~ the “before” picture ~~


~~ after the haircut, piercings all empty, goatee went next ~~


~~ with his first course material ~~


~~ in his bungalow ~~

He was really nervous and serious after his interview, and whilst we were packing and cutting his hair and such. When we got there and he was welcomed by his new boss, he started unpacking and he started relaxing a little. Then when we went up to pay for his first course a couple of other interns went and greeted him and when he joined us in the office he was already much more himself.
The interns also teased him as he’s quite a bit older than them!

When we left he was getting ready to start his first course. We’ll pop round on weekends with whatever we forgot to take and with more groceries.

Ah me…

I’m seriously torn.
I’m so excited for him and proud of him and I’m so afraid afraid he’ll fail.
And my apron strings have gotten longer and longer but I’ve never quite cut them…

9 thoughts on “A Big Step for the Knucklehead and Me!

  1. It is a big step. But a step in the right direction. I am praying that this works. For all of you.

  2. Wow that is totally awesum! Sure its a bit daunting having him leave home and stuff but he is only gonna b a phonecall away. Im sure it is a real proud mom moment and holding thumbs that everything will work out well and he will study hard I’m sure he will succeed

  3. Oh wow! I’m sure the idea of D living on his own must be quite daunting for both of you, but exciting too. Good luck to both of you on this new life adventure 🙂

    That’s amazing news, but I can imagine how freaked out you must be. I hope everything works out perfectly. xxxxx

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