Dear Internet…

You’re going to be a quieter, darker place.

The Gorgeous and Divine Bee is no longer of this earth and that is very, very sad.

Bee’s blog was the second one I found on the internet waaaaay back in 2005. It was titled “Accidental Mother” and my first thought was …ooh I’m one of those…
When I started reading her blog I realised that not only was she a wonderful writer and a scream to read, she was a single mother like me, and she was a South African!
From Bee’s blog I found a veritable smorgasbord of South African bloggers, as small as our little club was back then it seemed like a smorgasbord to me.
And I figured that if Bee liked them they must be okay.

On Mother’s Day, Bee lost her battle with cancer and today her nearest and dearest are wishing her farewell.

When I think of you Bee, I remember a wicked sense of humour and grabbing life by the short and curlies. I was privileged to have met you in real life Bee, to have a beer with you and to be able to put a laugh to the face.

I will be forever grateful to the internet for putting you in my life, G&D Bee. I am going to miss you.