A Weight I Never Knew I Was Carrying…

Or rather – I knew we were carrying a weight, I just don’t think we realised how heavy it was.

Our knucklehead is happy. He’s been gone just three weeks and has a week to go in his “trial month”. He is very keen to stay and we’re really hoping they are in agreement and he will stay on and complete the full year’s internship.

To hear him so excited and engaged when I talk to him on the phone gives me such a lump in my throat!
When I called him this morning to ask about his weekend away he said, “I lived my dream, mom!

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11 thoughts on “A Weight I Never Knew I Was Carrying…

  1. Awesum news holding thumbs that he gets to complete full internship. Sending happy vibes through so rewarding when we see our kids in teir happy place

  2. Aw, man! I have never seen him smile so broadly. I’m so glad he’s found something to do that he loves! 🙂

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