Almost anyone can be a father, but it takes a lot to be a daddy.

There is a small ceramic plaque displayed in my parents’ house that says: “Vader worden is een gunst, vader zijn een hele kunst.”
I can’t remember how long its been there, and I think its in Dutch, but I always figured it meant something like “Becoming a father is a blessing, being a father is an art” (I’m not sure what the translation actually is). I never doubted in my heart or my mind that my daddy knew what it took. Every time I read it I thought, “Yup. My dad has it down.”

I have a daddy. A dad. My dad. And thanks to modern medicine my daddy darling is still around for me to call him and wish him for Father’s Day!
This year he and my mommy darling took a spur of the moment trip to KZN so whilst I didn’t see him today, I love that he and my mommy darling can and do still indulge in such spontaneity in spite of what life has thrown at them!

Since I fell pregnant with my boy I have had mixed feelings when Father’s Day comes around… On one hand I want to celebrate it and have a big family get together and make a fuss of my daddy darling. On the other hand I wished my son had a father he could celebrate it with.
That sadness has lessened every year though- over the last six and a half years- because my son has the most amazing step dad in my husband, my Glugster, my sweetheart, my rock.
My son and I are exceedingly blessed to have the Glugster as a part of our little family.

This year I made my Glugs breakfast in bed and I let him sleep late (he was a little hungover from a friends’ stag party last night). I also baked him a banana bread, which he loves but I’ve never made, and I gave him a set of braai tongs WITH A TORCH IN THE HANDLE!! If you know my man at all you’ll know how he loves being master of the braai, and usually takes his own braai tongs along so he can be sure he can “do things properly”.
As we had no plans and it was freezing outside he got to spend the day lounging in bed, napping and watching TV!

Happy Father’s Day my Glugster, and happy Father’s Day to my daddy darling.

I am truly blessed.

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