I Had A Week Long Fiesta Thanks To @FordSouthAfrica !

I had the opportunity to drive a brand new Ford Fiesta ST for a week!


When this sexy beast pulled into my driveway, I could hardly wait to get behind the wheel! The guy who dropped it off assured me he’d be back to fetch it the following Monday, no matter how sweetly I asked to keep it longer.


Even the steering wheel looks happy!

The Fiesta ST has Recaro racing seats which were a tad uncomfortable for my overweight backside hugged me tight but with the extra length of the door on this hatch I battled to reach the seat belt once I was in the driver seat.
It has metallic pedals, and lights in the foot wells when it gets dark.


Does this look inviting or what!!?

It has an option for automatic headlights so I didn’t forget to switch them on and off (which I often do) and it has Ford’s SYNC which meant I could talk on the fly without touching my phone AND I could listen to my playlists when there was nothing on the radio.
The Fiesta ST comes in 5 colours, and the one I drove was Race Red – I think this and Frozen White may be my favourite colours in the range.
I love the keyless start ‘coz its just too damn cool, and being a bit of a petrol head, having some of the engine noise inside the cab made it VERY hard not to put my foot down (my score on a driving app I downloaded on my phone completely tanked in the week I dove the Fiesta)!


Make no mistake, its a hot looking car.
It radiates power with a mean grill and a low slung front end, 17″ alloy wheels and long slim headlights.
The 6-speed manual gear box has super smooth changes and low revs in the 1.6 Ecoboost turbocharged engine make for fantastic fuel economy.
Its got loads of boot space too, so after a wedding on Saturday I could go back on Sunday morning and load up with all kinds of vases, jars, boxes and decor without worrying about space.


I loved it. I love the power and the control, and you can feel the turbo kick in when you pull away… But I’d get myself into all kinds of speeding fine trouble if I got to drive this car every day!

~~as per my Ladybloggers pledge, I must state here that I was not paid to write this blog post
and that all opinions contained herein are mine and mine alone~~

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