Why Do We Need Animal Rescue Organisations Like Lab Rescue & Wetnose?

We need rescue organisations like Wetnose, Barking Mad, Kitty & Puppy Haven and Labrador & Golden Retriever Rescue because people continue to buy animals from breeders!

I know I’m going to be treading on more than a few toes here, but I really feel strongly about this, today in particular.

Last week I found a dog on the side of the road, and I took him to my vet to stay over for a few days while we tried to make a plan for him. I feel like this makes me more than a little responsible for him.
Tomorrow it will be a week, and my vet can no longer keep him. No one has been looking for him, no one who has been to the vet in the last week is willing to take him on – even as a foster – and I can’t afford to bring him home with me.
He’s now going to the Animal Anti Cruelty League in JHB – THANK GOODNESS – who will be fetching him from my vet tomorrow morning. I am beyond thrilled that he won’t be going to the SPCA, but of all the no-kill rescue organisations in Gauteng, the AACL is the only one with space! I called all of them!

Someone cared about this dog. Even if it was just a little bit. He had a collar, and he had been tied up somewhere. He wasn’t underfed even though he was filthy dirty and he has a few scars. He looks like a small Lab but he has a thick neck like a Staffie. He’s a really sweet, placid boy and the staff at the vet have become quite fond of him. I had no trouble leashing him and leading him to the car.
It makes me sad that he no longer has a home, and I do hope he will be adopted while at the AACL, but what are the chances? He’s not a cute little puppy and he’s not a recognised breed.

And before you bring it to my attention – I’m not referring here to dogs that are bred for a specific purpose, like SAGA’s Labs and Goldens.
Whilst breeders may sell their puppies “to approved homes only” thats the extent of their responsibility, whilst SAGA monitors the health and welfare of every dog they breed for as long as they are alive.

And with that I add another rescue organisation to my donation list (Wetnose and Lab Rescue are the other two).

Please people, adopt don’t shop!
Think hard before you spend thousand of Rands on a dog from a breeder.
Rather donate those thousands to a worthy organisation and adopt a dog already in dire need of a home and love and attention.

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  1. I can’t like this post enough!!

    While i’ve bought dogs from breeders before, i’ve made a decision that i will only be adopting from rescue organisations from now on. I can’t wait to get started!
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