I Shouldn’t Be Left Alone With Scissors…

I needed a trim, I’ve been wanting a new tattoo but I can’t afford one, summer is around the corner, I couldn’t think why I was growing it, I have little to no impulse control, and my Glugster said “Go for it!” when I emailed him… So I did. I grabbed my ponytail and cut it off just below the elastic band.


My hair hasn’t been this short since the end of 2000 (I shaved my head in the July) so its quite something for me to get used to… And thankfully my curls let me get away with a lot.
My Glugster didn’t realise it was quite as short as it is, and I did cut it shorter than I was planning to, but now as it grows out I’ll be able to keep trimming it until its all the same length again.

What does it have with wanting a tattoo I hear you ask? A major hair cut is a big change. Not quite as big as getting a tattoo, but big enough.


5 thoughts on “I Shouldn’t Be Left Alone With Scissors…

  1. Ha ha! I remember having a similar impulsive moment, once upon a time. But my dead straight hair is nowhere near as forgiving…. 😛
    It looks cool & comfortable – enjoy!

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