I think I may have to face it… I MUST be getting old! Twice in the last month or so, my aversion to temperatures over 16°C has been put down to menopause!

Have you ever!? I don’t think I look that old!

Simply put, I have NEVER liked the heat. I love winter… Summer is sheer torture! I perspire for no reason and my hair is always wet.
When I have access to an air conditioner I set the temperature as low as it can go and if there’s no aircon I have a fan blowing in my direction. When I was employed full time I loved the computer server rooms, the big fridges in bottle stores are heavenly and I have carried a fan with me for years!
If you know me at all you probably know this, but its ridiculous to try to explain it to people I don’t or hardly know. They simply dismiss it as denial and nod their head’s sagely as if they understand.

But its bigger than me looking old. Its about personal questions and people’s nosiness.

I would love to know why the fuck so many people on this earth think its okay to ask you outright about your or your children’s health as if its any of their business.
If people didn’t ASK me if I’m menopausal I wouldn’t have to explain that I just don’t like the heat.
If people didn’t ASK me why my Glugs and I have not had children I wouldn’t feel the need to explain our choices and fertility issues.
I don’t particularly like discussing my menstrual cycle, my medication choices, my fertility issues or any such thing with my family, never mind perfect strangers!

If you don’t know the person you are speaking to, you simply don’t bring up personal issues unless it is already a subject of conversation.

5 thoughts on “Sheesh…

  1. People actually do that?!? RUDE.
    I am the exact opposite, and am a ball of misery in winter and adore summer. But I feel your pain!

    • I may well be peri menopausal Cat, or at least heading in that direction, my mom says she says I sound like I can be when she reads my Facebook updates sometimes… 😛

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