Pictures I Found On My Phone…


These guys are very industrious, moving their advertising and goods on a regular basis, but their signs are hilarious!


Moi, dressed for a rockstar party.

20140731_072043 - Copy

I’ve asked around so I know its not just me…

20140802_154507 - Copy

I’m always on the lookout for funny spelling!

20140812_175137 - Copy

I’m always on the lookout for funny spelling!

20140807_154204 - Copy

So how much icing sugar do you have…?

20140913_112322 - Copy

Thats not a motorbike! 😀

20140809_17.50.24 - Copy

Sheesh… And they’re doing 120km/h!

20140914_112143 - Copy

Spotted these tiles in a shop when out with my sister C – everything I loved she hated!

20140924_093016 - Copy

We lived here, happily, for a few years when my sister B and I were little. Its strange to see it gutted now. Although it is being refurbished after they battled for years to get all the squatters out.

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  1. Spelling police! I will always think of you when I see bad spelling
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