You Must See Tutankhamun and his Treasures at @SilverstarZA!

When I heard the TUTANKHAMUN – His Tomb and His Treasures exhibition was coming to South Africa I was very excited and determined to see it while it was here, and then Tsogo Sun’s newly revamped Silverstar Casino invited my Glugster and I to the opening evening!

It was a wonderful event with gold covered “statues” welcoming us inside and gold-rimmed bubbly glasses, and delicious food and a pyramid of gold-wrapped chocolates!
My Glugster collected our audio guides but we didn’t know about the earphones so we walked around looking like we were on the phone all night. The guides are included in your ticket price and you can hang it around your neck, and you can’t see the exhibition without one. Be sure to ask for a pair of earphones when you get your guide though – although I think you should be able to plug in your regular phone earbuds too (which neither of us had with us last night 😀 ).
It also makes it a lot easier to take pictures if you have both hands free.

The first thirty-odd minutes of the exhibition is limited to 60 people, and then you move into the exhibit where you can spend as much time as you like, but it will probably take you about 90 minutes to go through it.
Each exhibit is numbered so you punch in the number on your guide to listen to the details, and its available in a kids’ version as well, and I would love to know what was on it! The “adult” audio guide has a LOT of information and my Glugs and I actually skipped a few of those and just read the plaques on the display items.
It was really comical standing in front of a display and seeing both of us reacting to what we were listening to on separate devices!

I also think it will be interesting for children – Tut became Pharoah at just 8 years old and he was only 18 when he died. And the sheer volume of gold statues and treasures that were entombed with him are quite marvelous. You can’t actually touch anything but its not all barricaded behind thick glass so you can actually get quite close to the pieces.

~~As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I state clearly that we were given tickets to attend the show, and talking about the show is appreciated but not specified.~~

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