What Is Penny Made Of…?

We can hardly wait to get the results for Penny’s MuttMix DNA test!
On their Facebook page, they say “Do you really know your best friend? Discover what breeds are in your mixed breed dog using DNA. Visit www.muttmix.co.za to learn more or SMS the word DNA and your name to 082 815 6674 now and we’ll call you. Standard SMS rates apply.


We got our kit at a doggy show a month or so ago, and we’ll be doing the cheek swabs and sending it off soon.

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Some of you may remember we adopted her from Labrador & Golden retriever Rescue almost a year ago as a chocolate LabX puppy, but the more we’ve gotten to know her the less Labrador we think she has in her make up…
We suspect she has Vizsla and/or Brittany and/or Weimaraner and/or German Shorthaired Pointer as well as some Labrador Retriever, maybe even a little Greyhound, going by what she looks like and some of her personality traits.

She’s very hound – very vocal. She also has a high prey drive and she loves to retrieve. She is also very tightly wound – even when she’s in a DOWN waiting for me to throw a toy she’s quivering with anticipation!
She’s attached herself to my Glugster and when he’s home she has to be close to him.

20140908_080705_small 20141113_090330_small 20141013_083523_small

As soon as we get her certificate back I’ll come and tell you all how far off we are!


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