Less Than a Week to My Birthday…

I’m not really feeling it.

I am overweight and unfit. I keep saying I want to do something about it but past attempts have failed miserably. I am ridiculously insecure for someone who should know better. I am tired of having to tell myself to shake the shit off my shoes when I once again sink into the nobody-ever-remembers-me-nobody-talks-to-me-nobody-tells-me-anything pit. I think I hate Facebook… Its made “people” ridiculously uncommunicative.

I turned 40 last year, and whilst at one point I was feeling like throwing a big party I didn’t follow through with any plans and the next thing I knew it was a week to Christmas and there wasn’t much point.
I stayed at home, mostly in bed, and a few special people visited me.
I’m a little sorry I didn’t do anything, especially since I have decided I will never turn older than 40 anyway.


So this year I will be turning 40 again.

My darling husband is taking me to dinner at a restaurant the night before, but I don’t know which one yet so that will be a nice surprise. He wanted to surprise me with a new tattoo, which I’d love, but we’re still counting our pennies every month so I asked him to fill my pantry instead. Having an ample supply of groceries, dog food and cat food is a HUGE thing for me! I also feel bad though ‘coz he’s been planning to surprise me with a new tattoo for months…
Then on the day of my birthday… I dunno. I suppose I’ll have cake and tea or something… I LOVE big parties! I LOVE lots of presents and lots of visitors, but having a birthday between Christmas and New Year doesn’t bode well for that, which is why in the past I have organised something for November – when I do organise anything.


I’m sounding like a real misery aren’t I…


I do have a kind of a wishlist for my birthday… It doesn’t change much from year to year – silver jewellery, anything with cupcakes on it, tools for baking and sugar art, stationery.
A pink or red blouse from Marietjie Oelofse (like my black one) would be awesome.
There are a few books on my list – Terry Pratchett’s “Snuff” and “The Long Mars” (both in paper back) and Carlos Lischetti’s “Animation in Sugar“.
I also have a wishlist of courses on Craftsy, so if you’d like to see it let me know.
Ooh and the Kenwood Triblade is still on there too.

I’d also like cures for cancer, Alzheimers and ADHD, so if you can hook me up with any of those I’ll be over the moon.

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  1. Why don’t we all just bring our drinks and some snacks on your birthday to your house and blast music and play games and get silly!!! I’m super keen! Anybody else??

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