It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

Everywhere you go!

Last year, my beautiful, ginormous, green Christmas tree fell over -taking all but two of my glass baubles with it.
This year, we searched for a tree for aaaages, finding one I really liked online – but for R1,900!! I can’t spend that on a Christmas tree!
Then we found discounted Christmas trees and decorations in a supermarket and my Glugster bought me a silver tree! Can you imagine it – a sparkly silver tree covered in sparkly tinsel and decorations!

Here it is before I added any decorations!


It looks beautiful! I kept the gold and silver decorations to a minimum, using them in a Pinterest-inspired centrepiece instead.


And I forgot I had three strands of Christmas lights so there’s only one on the tree, and here’s the finished tree…


To make sure it doesn’t tip over as easily as it did last year, I changed my decorating “concept”… I used to decorate mainly the front of the tree, pushing it against a wall or into a corner, making it look full. I didn’t realise how heavy the glass baubles would make it last year though, so this year its decorated all the way around. The front is colourful with an assortment of decorations and the back is all red balls, and on the two back “feet” of the tree stand – under the polka dot skirt – are small sandbags!

Here it is with presents under it – more presents than we’ve had under our tree in many years!


And here it is with three of our puppies!


2 thoughts on “It’s Beginning to Look A Lot Like Christmas…

  1. Awsome Christmas tree! Lots of love to the family and Riddick
    Daryn xx and Askii woofwoof!

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