I Shop With A List

This morning I was chatting to Gina & Beagle Momma on Twitter, about shopping lists. Whilst we all use lists to do our shopping, Beags and Gina both write out their lists on paper whist mine is on Evernote.

It got me thinking about shopping lists – my own and the ones I have found in the shops, other people’s lists discarded in trolleys and baskets after their shopping is done.
Has anyone seen this website BTW, I love it: The Grocery List Collection. They have lists you can print out as well.
When my knucklehead was a little boy, we went and did some grocery hopping one day and when I got home and unpacked I realised I had 3 unopened bottles of tomato sauce, 2 bottles of chutney, too much pasta and 2 bottles of dish washing liquid, but I didn’t have tuna, mince, mayo, or coffee! I decided I had to make a plan to stop wasting money and avoid running out of things so I started making lists.
I actually could have kicked myself because I had always made lists! I even had a list for packing his nappy bag when he was a baby because I always forgot something!

So I sat at work with an excel spreadsheet and added everything I could think of to the list over the space of a week or so, updating it every now and then. Then just before payday I would print it out and at home I drew a line through everything I didn’t need. Then I did my shopping with the remainder of the list. It it even had little check boxes next to the items for when I got them and there were separate sections for “luxuries” like Coke, sweets, cookies and cottage cheese, and “extras” for when someone was having a birthday or an anniversary.

In 2005 I got my first “smart” phone. It wasn’t smart like today’s phones are, but it had capabilities I hadn’t had till then. It had a calendar on which I could capture my appointments and birthdays, my contacts could have names, multiple numbers, birthdays, addresses, email addresses and and and, AND it had a place I could make lists.
Whilst all the phones were getting smaller this one was big and bulky, with a black and white screen, a stylus and no camera, and I was put off touchscreen phones when it only lasted about 18 months, but after that I had to have a phone that could do more than call and text.

My lists have been digital ever since.

Now of course, with apps like Evernote I can update my lists on my laptop and see them on my phone and vice versa! I still have a shopping list with everything on it, I just put a mark next to the ones I need and remove the mark when I have the item. It also has separate sections for occasional items and I have a separate list for baking and cake decorating requirements.
I also have a separate shopping list for the knucklehead and I have a list for packing a bag for when we go away!

Do you use shopping lists?

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  1. You’ve heard of Wunderlist right? It has all of the above features, plus a sync ability. So I update the app on my side, and it sync’s to Jon’s phone for when he goes shopping. It’s also available on PC, tablet and mobiles. Apple and Playstore.

    And it’s free. Check it out, it’s all we ever use.
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