An EcoSport for a Week, from @FordSouthAfrica


Now I just know I’m going to make a few of you envious, but it is only for a week… I’m driving this beautiful Kinetic Blue, Ford EcoSport 1.0 GTDi Titanium!


I was very excited when I got the email asking if I’d like to drive the EcoSport for a week! Whilst the Ford Ranger Wildtrak is my dream car and I remain a sucker for a truck, the EcoSport is almost within our price range, and for me it has pretty much everything I look for.
Its a small SUV that seats 5 comfortably, there’s more than ample room for my dogs, it has loads of boot space with back seats that not only fold flat but fold up again behind the front seats creating just over 700L of space! AND! I can fold the seats up and put them back down myself! You don’t need superhuman strength!

Its a high ride which I really like, but its not a mission to get into and the driver’s seat and steering wheel are adjustable to ensure you’re sitting in the perfect driving position.
This particular model has leather seats, and whilst I prefer cloth because I don’t burn my bum, the leather is easier to keep clean of dog hair… 😛
It has a decent cup holder for every seat and two – yes TWO – 12V charger sockets, one in the front and one in the back. It has a CD player and a USB port, you can connect your phone via Bluetooth using Ford’s SYNC® and there are volume and phone controls on the steering wheel.
The headlights can be set to switch on automatically and then they switch off when you turn the car off so no forgetting to switch them off, and it has rain sensing windscreen wipers.
And cruise control!
And the 1L engine is turbo-charged so there’s a little bit of a roar when you accelerate, and I LOVE that sound.


And an added bonus for me – the cubbyhole has a cooler built into it!

~~     As per my Ladybloggers pledge, I state clearly that I have been loaned the EcoSport for a week,
to drive and enjoy, and speak about on social media – blog, Tweet, instagram and Facebook.     

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  2. Love this car would absolutely love to trade my car in for one of these! Even the colour is nice hope you enjoy the ride

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