Do You Have a Dream Kitchen? How About A Dream Scullery?

Whenever I think about my “dream house“, the first room I think of is the kitchen. This makes perfect sense considering how much time I spend in the kitchen – baking and icing cakes, cooking for my family, entertaining…

And I know many people have a dream kitchen, their idea of the perfect kitchen, but do any of you have an ideal scullery? Or laundry room?


I do!

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My perfect scullery-slash-laundry-room-slash-mud-room will ideally house not only my sink, dishwasher and washing machine, but also clever storage space.

It would be where I feed my dogs and cats for one thing. I love the idea of having drawers to put my pet food buckets in – I can then put ant or roach traps in the bottom of the drawer, away from the food and it will look tidy and be safe from sneaky paws.


I would also keep my kitchen dustbin in this room – ideally also in a pull-out drawer. I can then hang an air freshener in the drawer and put bug deterrents where they can’t be reached by my animals.


A raised doggy bathing station is a must have for me. Bathing dogs is a mission, especially Labs. They love it, but they’re big dogs and by the time I’m done bending over a bath or kneeling next to it I’m finished! I know that sounds ridiculous but my knees are already borked and kneeling is painful.


Wall-mounted drying racks that can fold flat again are perfect for rainy weather!


My “back door” would also be in this scullery-mud-room, leading ideally into the garage so that when it is raining or some such I can come in and bring the dogs in through that door and get them dried off a tad instead of muddying up the whole house!

What would yours look like?

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6 thoughts on “Do You Have a Dream Kitchen? How About A Dream Scullery?”

  1. LAB-OL! Laughing And Barking Out Loud!
    Loves the idea of the Dog Bath, mmm, but when these Labbies shake off the excess water off themselves, water everywhere! When I bath Askii, I have a big tub outside and wearing my swimming costume……… A lot of hugs to his Brother! xx

  2. You and I have very similar ideas about this. 🙂 I’ve been planning my scullery-laundry-mudroom for ages and can’t wait to make it a reality!

  3. Mine would have all that PLUS a broom closet with a fold away ironing board – because I get annoyed when it gets left standing in the kitchen. LOL! And a spot to hang raincoats and stuff…

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