On TV Adverts…

There are a LOT of TV adverts, and I have heard on more than one occasion that South African TV adverts are far better than what the rest of the world puts out.
I must be honest though, I don’t see a lot of them.
I tend to stick to DSTv’s Catch Up where the episodes are uninterrupted, or I watch shows I have recorded and I then fast forward through the ad breaks.

There are some that are indisputably brilliant. Truly. But they are few and far between.

BMW is one that comes to mind – their ad with the mouse on the steering wheel was a masterpiece, and then they blew it out of the water with 2005’s “butterflies” advert, and you don’t even see a car!

 Wonga’s new advert series is hysterical and a vast improvement on their original ads with those ridiculous puppets!

There are a few adverts though, that I think are very odd…

Animation for example. Why would a business use an animated advert to sell a product to an adult? Unless its for a sweet, it very seldom works for me.

And the latest one that gets up my nose a bit is the Ariel advert with Noeleen Maholwana-Sangqu. Where she heads off to a lab with a group of people I’m assuming are supposed to be press. A guy in a white coat does a demonstration and it ends with Noeleen nodding sagely in front of a group of MEN, all bobbing their heads and smiling as if they’re the ones who do the washing!
They look like when you have five girls on a high school stage trying to make themselves look like a crowd whilst pretending to talk to each other and not actually making a sound!
I’m not saying men don’t do the washing, but this ad gets it all wrong. The fake accent, the ridiculous acting…

The Omo “One Slap” advert gets it all right though – I love those ads!

Do you have an advert you love to hate?

Do you have a favourite TV advert?

3 thoughts on “On TV Adverts…

  1. I have to say that ads just fly under my radar. I tend to not sit still – so I would watch a program, get up in the ads to do something. And yes, I always do something else but just watch tv – I may read, do project life, work on the laptop all at the same time. (Yes I know what you are going to say…)
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    • Don’t feel lonely there Cat – I have the laptop, two phones, a book and TV. The only time I concentrate only on the screen is if I go to the movies!

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