Ah Me…

I have spoken about PMS in numerous blog posts before, about how I warn my nearest and dearest when I feel like I’m about to walk that dark path, heh heh… But I have also come to realise that I shouldn’t do any business when I’m in that space either!
I’m clumsy and ratty and unmotivated.
My diet and self control goes out the window.

I must tell you though, I downloaded an app onto my phone a few months ago that you can use to track your cycle, and the nice thing with it is that it pops up with a “PMS Alert” the day before its due!
I always laugh when I get it, and then I WhatsApp my Glugster to let him know.
This way he knows its PMS and irrational and he can tread lightly.
Yesterday he suggested he download the app and it occurred to me it may be nice if the app allowed someone else to get a particular notification via WhatsApp or something…


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5 Responses to Ah Me…

  1. MeeA says:

    Getting my thyroid under control has been very helpful in managing my PMS symptoms, since I can’t use oral contraceptives but I still have my Major Bitch days…
    I should totally look into this app!

  2. acidicice says:

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  3. Louisa says:

    Haha, that would make me laugh too!
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  4. Without Yaz I am a monster.
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