Penny Is A Mutt Indeed…

Remember we sent Penny’s saliva swabs to MuttMix in December for a DNA test?
You will never guess what her results are, and BOY were we far off the mark!!


So, keep this statement in mind when you see Penny’s results:
The MuttMix test is based upon our database of AKC™ (American Kennel Club) and South African
recognized breeds. If your dog contains other breeds not in our database, that DNA may assign to
the most closely related breed or breeds, or may result in the identification of breeds earlier in your
pet’s history and may therefore provide a seemingly unlikely result for your dog. For a complete list of
the breeds currently found in our database, please visit our website at


The couch damage is all Penny too!

So here is our Penny’s certificate:

MuttMix_Penny Certificate (BP04040)-page-001

Level2 (37-74%) Miniature Pinscher Level3 (20-36%) Bullmastiff Level4 (10-19%) Cocker Spaniel

No Vizsla, Brittany, Weimaraner, German Shorthaired Pointer, Labrador or even Greyhound! Seems crazy doesn’t it!? We’re still giggling!
Now check out some info on the breeds:

MuttMix_Penny Breed Info (BP04040)-page-001

Does this sound like Penny or what!??! Stubborn, smart, demanding and headstrong, love to bark, may show aggression to other dogs…
Reading up on them I found that Bullmastiffs were bred to guard game and catch poachers so they are fast, and they need a gentle firm hand in training – let them go their own way and they’ll soon be running things and early socialisation is essential. “Bullmastiffs need early training that continues throughout their life. Training and socialization help curb unwanted aggression and willfulness.
The Miniature Pinscher, or Min Pin is a small, well muscled dog with a dynamite personality. Contrary to popular belief it is not related to the Doberman at all and was bred to hunt rats. It also needs a firm hand in training and is apparently a bit of an escape artist, and loving attention they may act up to elicit a response. “Without proper training and supervision, he can quickly become a tyrant in the household.
The Cocker Spaniel is also a hunting dog with a sensitive personality. If they’re in pain or afraid they may growl or snap and if they’re bored they resort to digging and barking, they may also be hard to house train.
All three breeds are fabulous as affectionate, make great family pets, wanting to be with their people.


There’s a lot of our Penny in there!
She obviously gets her size from the Bullmastiff. Loving her voice, the shape of her body and clowning for attention is from the Min Pin. She gets her high prey-drive and her red colour from all three breeds. Her energy level is Min Pin, as is her love of bolting through an open gate. The house training battle and her love of digging holes is from the Cocker Spaniel.
Considering she spent the first six months of her life without training or socialisation, tied to the tow-hitch on a truck with a leash and generally abused she’s doing really well. All three breeds are not the easiest to train and need work from puppyhood to be well adjusted.

20140702_IMG_9709 - Copy

Of course now I am even more curious about her! I wish I could have seen her parents and her siblings!


So she’s an honourary Lab ‘coz we adopted her from Lab Rescue, but she’s actually a Miniature Bull Spaniel! 😀

4 thoughts on “Penny Is A Mutt Indeed…

  1. This is really incredible to hear and read! I would have NEVER guess this. Wondering what the DNA of Askii and Riddick would be…………..?? Mmm, I know their Mom is Liberty, cross Black Labbie Retriever and Dad is Pele, Black Labrador. But often wonder how on earth these two land up the same. Hee hee maybe their Mom had an affair with the Milkman! Waahaahaa! Their 3rd Birthday coming up soon and I hope to have a Cuddly Elephant, Rhino or Zebra for Askii by then. He now has 17 Cuddly Toys, just bought him LambChops!! xx

    • I’m thinking of getting Riddick a new forever ball so he doesn’t have to share his with Penny anymore!
      Our boys would probably be level 1 Labrador Retriever and level 2 Golden Retriever, maybe with a little level 5 or level 6 throwback to the breed’s origins in the Newfoundlands.

  2. So interesting! I would never have guessed she was a mix of those breeds! We also adopted a rescue dog a few months ago, she’s 6 months old and appears to be Daschund cross Jack Russell. What a handful! We are having a VERY tough time with her – she is incredibly noisy and fearless, gets into all kinds of trouble. I am hoping that having me around all day and a gentle but firm hand will sort her out in time.
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