Happy Tears… Often…


Out for coffee with his mom last year.


His first Wakaberry on a date with his mom!

Have I mentioned lately that our son, our knucklehead, our gawjiss boy, is happy? Not since October last year I don’t think…


I tell you, he’s in his element. He’s found his niche. I see pictures of him and he’s grinning from ear to ear. He’s tanned and healthy and if you can believe it – he lives in shorts and slops and if he has half a chance he’s shirtless!



He’s working his backside off six looong days a week, and he’s an intern which means he doesn’t get paid. He’s getting distinctions for his exams and we only ever hear good things about him. He now has to share his little cottage-slash-chalet with another intern, which has been a bit of an adjustment for both of them, but they’re coping. He works with several other interns as well as the other staff and management, and he works with their customers so he has to be polite and presentable at all times.

I am so impressed and proud of him! He phones me and we actually have conversations! We chat on WhatsApp! We haven’t had a fight since I can’t remember when – even when he’s at home!

20150202_130047 (1)

His first Cinnabon experience, on a date with mom!

As for the internship, he had to take his earrings out and cut his hair neatly before he could start last May, and he came home from his interview and did just that!
The chalet he lives in is small, and now he has to share it,  but they spend very little time at home – mainly eating and sleeping, studying in the lecture rooms and using their day off to do housework!
They don’t do inspections or anything, but they are expected to clean up after themselves and keep their houses neat.
Some interns have their own cars but not D, so he has to do his own washing too.



And here – for my own enjoyment – are some of the selfies I have started taking every time I see him, to make up for the fact that there are so few pictures of him and I together!
I read a blog post last year – or late in 2013, I forget exactly – that really struck a chord with me. It was written by a mom who said she was so self conscious about what she looked like in photos that she always took the pictures, and as a result she had no pictures of herself and her children together! I had realised before how few pictures I had of my boy and myself together, and after the blog post I decided I wouldn’t miss another opportunity if I could help it.
I can’t find he exact post I read… but there are a few around the interweb. Here’s the one point that stuck with me: “Have you ever seen a photograph of your own mother and thought to yourself how fat she looked? Or how she wasn’t wearing make-up? Or wasn’t dressed in a glamorous outfit?” Of course not!
And now I tell every mom-to-be to make sure she takes lots of photos of herself with her child as they grow – as I read in one post, “you can’t put yourself back into the pictures”!


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  1. So wonderful to see him so happy and you so proud and happy. It is GOOD!!! love you both TONS!!

  2. I can not tell you on how many levels this makes me so happy and gives me so much hope for our future!
    And gosh yes, I need more pictures with my kids too!
    (BTW you have the most beautiful eyes)
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