Shopping For One

No, don’t panic, I’m talking about shopping for my knucklehead!

Its been quite an adjustment not having him at home, and we’ve had to work out how to shop for him so he eats properly, and enough. He has a fridge with a small freezer, a microwave, two-plate stove, kettle, toaster and snackwhich so I have to shop with that in mind. I also know that if its raw, he’s probably not going to make the time to cook it.

I started teaching him to cook when he was about 12 as a solution to his “I’m bored…” moments, so even though most of his meals are heat-n-eat, he knows how to mix things up a bit and he likes making flapjacks for himself too.

Anything that doesn’t need refrigeration is good – tuna, bully beef, two-minute noodles, bread (which he freezes if he has space), long-life milk, muesli, baked beans and and tinned meals like spaghetti and meatballs. He doesn’t have an oven so frozen pies and pizzas aren’t an option. I do buy him paninis which I freeze individually for him as they are already cooked and they make awesome sarnies.
PnP and Makro both have a nice range of frozen meals for the micro that aren’t too expensive – cottage pie, beef lasagne and mac-n-cheese, and I&J has an awesome “mealbox” that he loves – chicken curry, red curry, sweet & sour chicken and a tika masala curry, but I can only get those if I find them on a special offer as they can be pricey.
I also buy big packs of vienna sausages which I split up and freeze in portions, when I make supper I serve a portion for him and freeze it in a ziploc bag, and I pre-cook a whole lot of chicken breasts which I buy in bulk, then freeze in portions for us and for him so he can heat them up and stick them on a sandwich or eat them with noodles.
I try to make sure he has some fresh items like eggs, apples, tomatoes and onions, but if he doesn’t eat them they will go off, and I’ve taught him how to check if the eggs are off before cracking them.
And he gets coffee, sugar, flour, baking powder, salt, mayo, tomato sauce, chutney, cheese, pickles and bread spreads, and if I can I pack in a couple of packets of crisps, cookies, gumballs and cool drinks.
Ooh, and this weekend we discovered this – cooked chicken in single portions, ready for a sarnie or pasta, or just on its own, in four flavour varieties. It doesn’t need refrigeration and its not ridiculously overpriced either so its definitely going on the shopping list!


I try to get out to see him every two weeks, and take his groceries with me. He has Mondays off so I try and go then, sometimes we’ll head out to a mall nearby and we’ll do his shopping together, thats always fun.
He even sends me a shopping list now when he runs out of things, and he had to wrap his head around thinking about things like toilet paper, washing powder, razors, toilet duck and dishtowels.

He’s so grown up. He’s so independent.

My heart wants to burst with pride and happiness when I see him and talk to him.

Do you have any tips or tricks when it comes to meals-for-one?

And as per my Ladybloggers pledge, just in case you were wondering, I wasn’t asked, paid or given anything to mention the brands I’ve included in the blog post.

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  1. I lived on chocolate when I lived alone. Literally. And walked everywhere I wanted or needed to be. That’s why I was so skinny – zero nutrition, ever!
    My mom used to cook me stuff in bulk when she saw me – mostly pastas: lasagne, pastichio, etc. And then she’d package them in individual portions for me to freeze. Sometimes I’d eat them, sometimes I’d sell them… ;-P
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  2. Hi Angel!

    Cooking for one has not been a favourite for me when I used to live on my own. At the best of times, I tend to cook and eat at the same time. However, there did come a time when one of my single friends used to come round for supper almost every night so that we could eat a lot more healthily! But he used to do the cooking, I did the washing up, he HATED washing up! He he, but he was a damn good cook, though. Making Greek, Italian, and all these weird and wonderful stuff, like sushi, yep, home-made sushi, though pricey. I used to cook in bulk and freeze where I can, so as to not waste. Even now, still living with Mum, when I get a lot of fresh vegetables, I clean them, put them in hot salty water for a while, drain them, cut them up and put into plastic bags to put into the freezer. Mum tends to waste so much, so that what I do secretly………….. Unfortunately these frozen meals for one are quite pricey! It’s disgusting to have to buy the bigger package, eg, 2.5kg sugar instead of 1kg. Also I prefer fresh milk, but we now use long life milk as they last much longer than fresh milk. So these things last longer. By the way I lived on my own for about 10 years, but only moved back with Mum after Dad passed away.

    Daryn xx and Askii woof woof! A big hug to Riddick!

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