Clever Riddick…

I had such a giggle now!

I’m busy baking so I went to put the dogs outside after their nap and Riddick was FIRST out the door, heading straight to the front lawn.
He’s NEVER first out the door so I headed for the lounge windows to see what was so exciting about the lawn… and there he was chilling on the grass… with my treat pouch!!!


I immediately headed outside before he had a chance to rip it to shreds. He was a little hesitant to part with it- which is understandable since it has biltong & yogurt drops in- but his training paid off and he dropped it when I got to him.
Its a little dirty & gobby but its undamaged.

2 thoughts on “Clever Riddick…

  1. Hi Angel and Riddick!
    Oh what a clever Boy, strange, like Askii, he does’nt rip the things apart. Askii always hold it in his mouth, until I tell him to let go, other than his Cuddly Toys……….. To sweet to know all the hard trainings have paid off.
    Much love, hugs, kisses, barks and licks
    Daryn xx and Askii woof woof!

    • Trust me Daryn, if I hadn’t gone to see what he was up to the bag would have been ripped to shreds in short order! 😀

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