I Have An Incredible Mom

And today its her birthday.


As my folks are moving house soon my mommy darling gave me a box full of letters and cards that I have given them over the years and it was so much fun going through them. What follows is a collection of the verses and wishes from some of the cards I have given my mom over the years for Mothers Day and birthdays, ‘coz they’re still appropriate.

You’ve shown what love is all about–
through special ways you’ve shared,
with wise advice you’ve offered,
and in tender ways you’ve cared…

You’re always there when needed,
always willing to help out.

It means so much having a wonderful mom…
a mom I can trust and confide in.

A mom I can count on and feel very close to,
as well as respect and take pride in…

The special example you’ve set through the years
inspires me in all that I do.

It means so much having a wonderful mom…
And I’m hoping I take after you.

Happy birthday to a great mom
who patiently guided me from childhood,
through adolescence,
to adulthood…
Sometimes all in the same day!

Mommy darling, I am truly blessed to have you in my life.


No matter how much you have on your plate you always have time for me. How do I put into words what you mean to me…
I’ve put you through more, and asked you for more than most moms should have to deal with in a lifetime and you never let me down.
My life is full of happy memories and I wouldn’t have that without you.

Happy birthday mommy darling.

I love you more every day.

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